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Tickets Available to Purchase Online & Telephone. Booking Fee Applies. New Ticket Booking Line Coming Soon.

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Why Our Card is The Perfect Gift

Simple, flexible and top-up-able!


Buy a gift for someone special, with an unforgettable night out at the cinema. With a Woolton Picture House Gift Card you can choose exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.  


Presented in a free luxury gift box a Woolton Picture House gift card could be just what you’re looking for... the perfect gift.

How To Purchase Your Gift Card



Visit Woolton Picture House and inform us that you would like  to purchase a Gift Card "Hi, I would like to buy a Gift Card" - or something to that effect.


While we are having a chat (if your not a fan of chatting, not to worry this is not a required step); You choose how much money you want to put on the Gift Card (minimum of £5.00).

What To Do When You Recieve a Gift Card

First Thing You Need to Do...


You pay for the amount that you are putting on the card. We will provide the reast as the Gift Card and Gift Box are free!

Whats Next...

You hand the Gift Box to your friend, partner, child, boss (wow, how good are you), significant other.


Pat yourself on the back...for a Job Well Done!



Say a big Thank you, to the lovely person who has bought you a great gift!



First Things First...

Now that you have done that...

You check out the latest movies that we are screening at the Woolton Picture House...If you fancy seeing any of the movies out that month come visit us.


You can use your Gift Card to purchase Tickets, Membeships, Drinks, snacks (yes, that lovely person has bought you alcohol & popcorn).

What's Next...

You present your Gift Card and pay for your selected items with that.


The exact amount will be taken off the card and so any money left over will remain on the card to use another time!

If there isn’t enough money on the card for all your items, you can pay the difference with another payment method: cash, bank card, or another Gift Card (you must be super popular recieving two gift cards).

Your Final Step...

Sit back...Relax and Enjoy the Movie!

What Our Gift Cards Look Like...

Image Coming Soon